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Discover a holistic approach to beauty and wellness that nurtures both your inner and outer radiance. From rejuvenating spa treatments to transformative skincare rituals, embark on a journey towards enhanced vitality and self-care. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve a harmonious balance of beauty, health, and well-being.



1 Area £120,  2 Areas £180, 3 Areas £240

Brow lift

from £120

Bunny lines

from £120

Gummy smile

from £120

Downtumed smile

from £120

Pebble chin

from £120


from £350

Neck lift

from £250

Hyperhidrosis under arms sweating

from £450

Dermal fillers

Lips 0.5ml

from £150

Lips 1ml

from £195

Cheeks 2ml

from £325

jawline 2ml

from £325


from £200

Nasolabial folds 1ml

from £210

Marionette lines 1ml

from £210

Rhinoplasty non surgical 1ml

from £275

5ml personalised package

from £675

Aqualyx fat Dissolving Injections

Small Area

from £100

Large Area

from £150

Small Area course of 3

from £250

Large Area course of 3

from £400